Course Information

Course syllabus is here.

Choose Your Own Adventure Handout is here.

Preferred Email Address Form is here.

The slides for this course are available here.

The free digital version of our required textbook is here (you may read it digitally, print it out yourself, or purchase a printed copy at your preference- just make sure you read it, take notes on it, write down your questions about it, and bring the notes and questions to virtual office hours on Mondays!).  The Crash Course series of videos is extremely helpful- several are listed to go with each chapter, to clarify your reading.  The videos align nicely with our readings and course topics, and they’re fun.  You can also watch with subtitles on in English or a number of other languages.

Revised Assignments:

Adventures Due Date/How to Submit Points Your Score
Weekly Blog Write 2 entries each week on your blog on the commons or in Blackboard. Final post & Grade Reflection due June 1 20
Meme by March 25- on your blog 20
Political Participation by June 5- on blog or Blackboard 10
Film Review by June 5- on blog or Blackboard 10
Final Slide by June 5- add your slide to linked slideshow 10
What’s Your Problem by June 5 20
Book Review by June 5 20
Design Your Own Assignment- photo essay, video, song, Tik-Tok series, op-ed essay, sculpture, anything else Email me with project proposal for approval first; final project must be submitted by June 5 on blog or Blackboard 10
Online Open Book Midterm Take from April 17-April 19 20
Open Book Final Exam Take from June 6-9 20
Total Points 140

Revised Reading Schedule:

Week Topic Assignment
Week 2.5: Mar 19-21 The Constitution The Constitution, Chapter 2, Crash Course Videos 2-5
Week 3: Mar 22-28 Federalism Chapter 3, Crash Course Video 4
Week 4.5: Mar 29-April 7 Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, Crash Course Videos 23-32
April 8-16 Spring Break
Midterm April 17-19 Midterm Exam Make sure you have completed the exam by 11:59pm on April 19.
Week 7: April 19-25 The Legislative Branch Chapter 11, Crash Course Videos 6-10
Week 8: April 26-May 2 The Executive Branch Chapter 12, Crash Course Videos 11-14
Week 9: May 3-9 The Judicial Branch Chapter 13, Crash Course Videos 19-22
Week 10: May 10-16 Voting and Elections Chapter 7, Crash Course Videos 36-39
Week 11: May 17-23 Political Parties Chapter 9, Crash Course Videos 35 & 40-41
Week 12: May 24-30 Domestic Policy Chapter 16, Crash Course Video 47 & 49
Week 13: May 31-June 4 Foreign Policy Chapter 17, Crash Course Video 50
Finals Week: June 6-9 Final Exam Make sure you have completed the exam by 11:59pm on June 9